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The Worst Pokemon Of Every Type, Ranked By Weakness

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Each generation, there are amazing Pokemon who get created, and also some that are pretty lackluster. In fact, some are so weak that they're nearly impossible to use in battle - or just so offensively bad for other reasons that few people want to use them. For this list, we're counting down the worst Pokemon of every type.

Every Pokemon is someone's favorite, and every Pokemon has its own strengths that can be brought out with the right strategy. This list focuses on Pokemon who are weak and therefore difficult to use in battle, with a few exceptions who are there because of terrible designs. But if you see a Pokemon you love on this list, don't stress. Everyone has a different take, and that's a good thing. If you do see a Pokemon who you think is terrible on this list, go ahead and vote it up. Vote down the ones you think are being unfairly criticized. 

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    Water Type - Luvdisc

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    Luvdisc might be a cute Pokemon to have around on Valentine's Day, but other than that it doesn't serve much purpose. When it was first introduced in Gen III, it could only learn one Water move. Since then, it's gained a few, but it still doesn't have enough attack power to effectively utilize strong moves like Hydro Pump. In fact, all of its stats kind of suck. Sorry Luvdisc, but most Pokemon trainers just don't luv you. 

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    Flying Type - Delibird

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    Delibird is an adorable Flying-type Pokemon that's based around Santa Claus. Unfortunately, it takes the spirit of generosity so far that its signature move, Present, actually has a 20% chance of healing its opponent. That's sweet and all, but it's also the last thing anyone wants to do in a Pokemon battle. 

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    Bug Type - Metapod

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    It might be a little unfair to expect Metapod to do anything - in the natural world, an insect hibernating in a cocoon would be too busy trying to totally reform its body to deal with personal enemies. Still, Metapod is pretty much useless. If you raise one from a Caterpie it'll at least know Tackle and String Shot - or Bug Bite depending on the generation - but if you catch one after it's evolved it will literally only know Harden. Infinitely sharpening your defense without doing any damage isn't exactly useful in battle!

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    Fire Type - Simisear

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    A poll taken in Japan concluded the Simisear was the least popular Pokemon in 2016. It's hard to blame them - there's already an extremely cool fully evolved fire ape, Infernape. Its stats are meh, it doesn't learn any new moves after evolving, and is overall just unpleasant to look at. 

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