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Dark 'Peter Pan' Fan Theories That Are Actually Plausible

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J. M. Barrie's novel, Peter Pan, has been adapted into stage productions and films with various unique undertones. Walt Disney's 1953 animated version of Peter Pan remains a fan favorite while the live-action fantasy version released in 2003 by Universal Pictures brought back the beloved tradition of having Captain Hook and George Darling played by the same actor. Some people feel there is more than meets the eye with the tale of Peter Pan and that it's far more sinister at second glance. Vote up the fan theories that you find most interesting.

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    Captain Hook Is Not The Villain, He's The Good Guy

    From Redditor u/nicky1200:

    Someone posted a theory that Peter Pan is an immortal teenager who abducts children for his entertainment, then kills them once they reach puberty, since they are no longer "innocent" or classify as children.

    Captain Hook is the leader of a group of teenagers/adults who managed to escape from Peter Pan when he decided to kill them, forming a gang of their own and attempting to stop Peter Pan and his malicious acts to save the children and future victims. In response, Peter Pan cuts off Hook's hand and feeds it to the crocodile, so that Hook is mentally tormented with the thought of a creature after him, driving him insane.

    Captain Hook continues into adulthood with his gang, attempting to kill Peter Pan, the villain, once and for all. This is most obvious when you realize Hook never goes after the children, only Peter Pan and the fairies/pixies.

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    Peter Pan Is The Grim Reaper

    From Redditor u/misterlegato:

    Well, Peter Pan was clearly the childish angel of death: (Re: Lost boys) "They are the children who fall out of their perambulators when the nurse is looking the other way. If they are not claimed in seven days, they are sent far away to the Neverland to defray expanses. I'm captain."

    So children starve to death or die of exposure and go to a land where they never grow up?

    Not to mention Peter's chilling refrain: “To die would be an awfully big adventure.”

    Yeah - he's a Disney Grim Reaper.

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    Peter Pan Steals The Youth Of The Lost Boys

    One of my favourite theories was the one that said Peter Pan is the true villain of the story, while Captain Hook is the misunderstood hero. After all, in the original novel, Peter Pan was a MUCH darker character than the less-sociopathic version we saw in the Disney adaptation... One thing that definitely caught my attention was the haunting realization that the Lost Boys have forgotten who they once were, and slowly John and Michael were beginning to forget as well.

    This had me thinking on what could be the cause of this. One could quickly assume that it's just the nightmarish effects of Neverland, since it IS a magical place. However, the more I thought about it, the more I began to stray away from that logical conclusion.

    Peter Pan is well-known for kidnapping children. He snatches them from their homes and families by promising them a home where they will never grow up. However, this is a lie. When they go to Neverland, Peter Pan begins to slowly drain the child's youthful spirits, which is their memories of their past, to the point that they've become mindless children who follow him without question. Once they've outlived their purposes, Peter discards them and finds more children to prey on. This youthful spirit goes to Peter so he can remain a boy forever. It's not simply a magical thing that comes for free, it's something that needs to be taken.

    One line from the book that perfectly sums up what Peter Pan does to the boys is that once they grow older, he "thins them out." Which means, he kills them. This is proof that the children, besides Peter, DO age regardless. The reason why the Lost Boys we see in the original novel are not killed yet is because they're probably more recent ones. There have been MANY more before but once their youth (memories) had been drained by Peter, they were nothing but dry cows so they grew up and were either killed by Peter or they escaped and became pirates.

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    Captain Hook Is Actually Satan

    From Redditor u/daybreaker:

    Maybe Captain Hook is Satan, trying to capture the Lost Boys (Lost Souls) because of the bet between God and Satan on who could collect more souls, the battle of good vs evil. And the croc still represents the race against time.

    Peter Pan could just be an escaped fallen angel from hell, and he actively fights to keep Satan from getting any more souls, even though he does not specifically fight for or against God in his quest to collect them, which is why there is no God figure in this story.

    Though the three children could represent the Trinity and the victory of God, in that there are three, and even after dying, they are returned to the world of the living after time ends on the bet, and Satan/evil/Captain Hook is defeated.

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