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TV Fan Theories From This Month That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Fans can't help but ruminate on their favorite shows and movies, and in doing so sometimes they come up with theories that make too much sense not to be shared with the world. From The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to Game of Thrones, these are the best fan theories we found this month.

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    'The Umbrella Academy' - Allison Is The Reason Vanya Isn't A Psychopath

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    From Redditor u/IHaveACuteDog02:

    Vanya was a very f*cked up child, especially when she had her powers. She was only 4-years-old and was already murdering nannies who made her eat oatmeal. Most serial killers start out killing animals, but Vanya skipped that step. But throughout the series, it's shown that Vanya is a normal, empathetic person (except when her trauma bubbles over).

    I think the reason she became normal is because Allison told her to. Reginald Hargreeves made Allison rumor Vanya into forgetting she had powers, but her exact words were "I heard a rumor you thought you were just ordinary." Obviously "ordinary" people aren't mass murderers, and Vanya didn't kill after that (for awhile). She was making Vanya forget she had powers, but also made her become a truly ordinary person.

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    'Black Sails' - Anne Bonny's Backstory Is A Dark Version Of Wendy's From 'Peter Pan'

    From Redditor u/explain_that_shit:

    In Season 2 Episode 7 (XV) of the television series Black Sails, the character Anne Bonny says that when she was 13 and miserable, Jack Rackham killed her abusive husband and invited her to come with him and his men to Nassau. She says she fell in love with Jack, and began acting like him and his men, but wonders if what he did meant she didn't get a chance to "grow up."

    The allusions and similarities here are strong. Wendy is supposed to have been around 13 when Peter first invited her off to Never Never Land with him, a tropical island with pirates. She has romantic feelings for Peter, who is a dashing, daring and witty character much like Calico Jack. Peter has his Lost Boys, like Jack with his crewmates. The story of Peter Pan is famously about growing up (as Peter is the boy who never grew up).

    If you strip out the fantastical elements from Peter Pan and leave them as metaphors, I would imagine that a Wendy who stayed with Peter and his Lost Boys would eventually grow up to be a pirate much like Anne Bonny.

    Given that the backstory given here differs from the understood real world biography of Anne Bonny, the decision to decribe it instead in these terms appears intentional, with some purpose (such as working in an allusion to Peter Pan).

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    'Game Of Thrones' - The Lord Of Light Is Related To The Sun

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    From Redditor u/bbreaddit:

    I believe the lord of light could possibly be the sun, or related to/derived from the sun. At least I think it's something to keep in the back of one's mind while watching the good episodes. It's a neat and simple explanation for what we know about Westeros. Also, I think it'd be a satisfying answer for the audience. We know there are stories/theories of things like dragons coming from outer space, so it's not surprising for the sun of Westeros to be hiding a few secrets within, or perhaps some sort of magic/sentience.

    S3E10, Stannis orders Davos killed for releasing Gendry. Davos claims Stannis needs him, and gives him a letter from the night's watch regarding (presumably) the army of the dead. Melisandre peers into the fire and agrees. Stannis laughs at the fact that Davos was saved by the fire god he didn't believe in.

    What stood out to me about this scene was the sun and its positioning. Usually Stannis' scenes are dark and creepy. This one is bright and creepy. The sun is positioned behind Stannis' ear quite often, in its full glory, as if it were whispering to him. If I'm not mistaken this was the only time in the show where the lord of light actually showed a vision to Stannis/Melisandre on Dragonstone, or anyone for that matter. I'm proposing a connection between these two facts; the fact that this Stannis scene has different lighting to all the others, and the fact that this Stannis scene had the only real vision the audience can verify as legitimate. (The rest of Melisandre's 'magic' likely being smoke and mirrors). So the only time the sun comes out the lord of light decides to send a message? I don't think I'm reaching too far with this idea, but I'm sure many of you think I am. There are plenty of scenes that seem to involve the lord of light without a giant blazing sun in the background, but this is the only time there is a fire vision, and the only time he communicates to the characters that we see. (The hound's vision doesn't count, it's season 7, and by that time the show had lost most of its detail, clues and hidden meaning).

    After this I noticed the sun was the first thing we see in the opening credits. Yes, it's supposed to be the giant thing in the citadel, (but that was S6E10, doesn't count). Regardless of what you think it is, in the opening credits it's positioned where the sun would be, and it's the first thing we see, for some reason. Maybe it's an important piece of the puzzle we've disregarded so far, right in front of our faces.

    So, by no means can this theory be a certain thing, but I think it could be a neat clue for the lord of light. It's conveniently simple and gives GRRM a lot of room to work with to flesh out the the entire history of Westeros.

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    'Lost' - Purgatory Is A Test From 'The Good Place'

    From Redditor u/soledsnak:

    So in the final season of Lost there are flashes of the characters in what turns out to be a form of purgatory and at the end the characters "move on" to whatever was next, like a true afterlife.

    The final part of the show The Good Place shows them remaking the afterlife system so that people will go through tests over and over until they pass and are allowed into the true afterlife.

    Now I believe that the purgatory part of Lost was in fact a test by The Good Place. One of the examples for what a test could be is "a twisted version of your life" which the purgatory definitely is, with different backstories for everyone, even though, it appears that the purgatory/test was only started in the flight most of them were on at the beginning of the purgatory scenes. Additionally, people in the tests have their memory wiped when a test starts, just as everyone in the purgatory started off not remembering their human life. And perhaps this is also why other hcaracters, such as Ben or Ana Lucia did not move on, they had improved, but not enough, and had more tests to go through. Perhaps the purgatory was some type of experiment in putting multiple peoples tests together, who were close to passing, hey maybe even Tahani made that one, as she knew that the only reason Team Cockroach improved as much as they did was because they were together and saw a similar type of thing with the plane survivors? Just a fun theory that popped in my head.