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The 15 Greatest Anime Bromances Of All Time

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The greatest anime bromances can make any type of anime fan emotional. They might even find themselves ugly-crying at the devotion these pairs have for one another. Like amazing bromances in comic books, best anime bros don’t always begin as friends, but by the end of their series there’s no one else who knows them better. Though there are many ups and downs in these relationships, what makes these anime bromances truly great is that they never forget about each other.

There’s no denying that when these bros met, their lives changed for the better. The level of trust between these guys is envy-worthy and inspiring, not too mention so sweet you sometimes forget which genre you’re watching. Even though they go through hell and back, they support each other up all the way to the end, and that's something worth celebrating.  

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    Gon And Killua From 'Hunter x Hunter'

    Photo: NTV

    Gon and Killua became bros the moment they met, bonding immediately as they breezed through the first stage of the Hunter exam. The word "betrayal" doesn't exist between these two, who constantly put each other first and berate the other for putting themselves in any kind of danger.

    From facing the Phantom Troupe to beating Greed Island, their unconditional loyalty never wavers, and every one of their adventures together proves this over and over again. Hearts everywhere broke as Killua witnessed Gon's descent into grief during the Chimera Ant arc, giving way to tears as we watched Killua do everything he could to bring him back. In the end, there's nothing that could fracture their friendship, even if their paths take them in different directions.

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    Kaneki And Hide From 'Tokyo Ghoul'

    Photo: Tokyo MX

    You should get a friend like Hide. He won't care if you need human flesh to survive, and he'll run straight into the fire to ask you to come home. No matter how far Kaneki fell into the ghoul world, his best (and only) friend Hide refused to abandon him, even if their lives were in jeopardy.

    Hide actually joined the CCG's efforts in order to get information on the ghoul world, so he could try to protect Kaneki any way he could. Despite pushing Hide away to protect him, Kaneki suffered immense loneliness from the loss of contact, preferring to suffer rather than let anything happen to Hide. The last episode of Tokyo Ghoul Root A really cements their friendship, when Hide reveals he knew Kaneki was a ghoul, and that it didn't matter to him one bit (cue the acoustic version of "Unravel").

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    Mikado And Kida From 'Durarara!!'

    Photo: MBS

    Life can be hard when you're teenage gang leaders running opposing factions, but Mikado and Kida spent most of the series trying to protect each other. As Mikado slid farther and farther into Ikebukuro's underground, Kida was the only one who could bring him back, never once letting their friendship go.

    Though both hid their gang affiliations from the other to preserve the purity of their relationship, they didn't judge or condemn one another when the truth came to light. While the city streets always had something crazy going on, the two could count on their bond for peace and relief.

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    Tanaka And Oota From 'Tanaka-Kun Is Always Listless'

    Photo: Tokyo MX

    When you're as ambitiously lazy as Tanaka, you need a friend who's willing to carry you to every class and remember all the stuff you likely forgot. Good thing Tanaka has Oota, his tall and remarkably reliable best friend, who always knows exactly where Tanaka is napping.

    Always thankful, Tanaka often appraises Oota as his perfect wife (a notion that's always shot down). However, Oota consistently worries about Tanaka, and will always look after him without question, making sure he's eating properly and staying out of danger. What would Tanaka do without him?

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