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Only Cat People Will Understand These Joys of Cat Ownership

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As any cat owner will tell you, the joys of being a fur-parent to a cuddly little ball of indifference are actually far more rewarding than you might imagine. The joys of cat ownership are definitely an acquired taste, and not everybody will understand the devotion and adoration you feel towards your kitty. Sure, they might maul you, scratch you, ignore you, or knock all of your things over, but there's a reason why ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. Cats are unbelievable companions, insanely furry, and endlessly funny. We've put together a bunch of adorably hilarious cat photos to show you what it's like for cat owners on a daily basis.

These cat photos show off what kitties can do best. If you ever feel alone at home and want a furry companion to keep you company, adopting a cat could solve all of your problems in an instant! Cats can be passive aggressive and high-maintenance sometimes, but they can also be cuddly, sweet, and absolutely hysterical. Some cats love playing boxes, or seeing what containers they can fit themselves in. Other cats love chasing after laser pointers and taking care of the spider problem in your home. 

Whether they're silently judging you from afar, or cuddling up next to you in bed, vote up these pictures of cats that perfectly describe what it's like to be a fur-parent to your own feline fluff-ball. 
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    There's No Toy in This World That'll Make Them Happier Than the Box it Came In

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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    No Bug Alive Is a Match for Their Keen Powers of Observation

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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    They Love Helping with Pretty Much Anything They Can Lay On

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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    They're Notoriously Easy-Going When it Comes to Mistakes - Especially Their Own.

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