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The Most Influential Characters in Furry History

Updated November 5, 2019 365.6k views13 items

Even though the furry fandom has only recently received mainstream press, fans of anthropomorphic animals have been attending science fiction and fantasy conventions since the early '80s. But the fandom really exploded when millennials raised on cartoon properties like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Space Jam, and the early '90s Disney films grew up and started melding their favorite furry characters with elements of cosplay.

As with every type of fandom, there’s an undercurrent of eroticism running through the world of furries that makes sense when you take a second look at children’s cartoon characters like Cheetara or Lola Bunny. If this is your first peek into the bizarre world of furries, say goodbye to any SFW thoughts you had about your favorite animated characters. This insight into some of the most influential and hot furry characters just might make you go out and buy a giant fox costume.

Artists have been drawing hot cartoon characters since the first cave drawing. But it wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that cartoon characters started getting freaky-deeky. Most of the early furry influences come from underground comic creators like Ralph Bakshi and Dan O’Neill who were playing with the form of comic strip characters from their youth, which happened to be anthropomorphic animals. They probably didn’t intend for their work to spawn the furry lifestyle of full-body cosplay and sexualized animals, but when you look back at the original work, it’s easy to see how young fans made the connection.

Take a look at these influential characters that have a big NSFWFF (not safe for work furry fandom), and leave us a comment if there’s a cartoon character that you find particularly captivating.