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What To Watch If You Love 'Power Rangers'

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Power Rangers is a kids action show that garnered the love and affection of hordes of fans thanks to its superhero fight scenes, but if you’ve finished watching the series, there’s no need for despair. There are plenty of movies and TV shows to watch if you like Power Rangers and we’ve compiled the best ones right here for you right here!

TV shows similar to Power Rangers often feature young heroes and intergalactic action. If you’re looking for more superhero shows, The Umbrella Academy is sure to fill the void. The Netflix original features adopting siblings with superpowers. And if you think there aren’t also some good movies like Power Rangers, then think again, because we’ve found quite a few that are sure to tickle the fancies of even the hardest-to-please fans. Take Guardians of the Galaxy, for instance. This movie is basically Power Rangers if it were about antiheroes randomly teaming up for the greater good, and is a great choice for any sci-fi fan.

But you don’t have to take our word for it - some of Power Rangers’s biggest fans have chimed in and cast their votes for the best movies and TV shows like Power Rangers, and once you’ve watched, you can cast your votes too!

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  • Photo: The Gifted / Fox
    The Gifted (Fox, 2017) is an American superhero TV series based on Marvel Comics's X-Men properties. Two ordinary parents (Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker) take their family on the run from the government when they discover that their children have mutant abilities. They join an underground community of mutants who have to fight to survive....  more
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  • VR Troopers is a syndicated live action superhero television series produced and distributed by Saban Entertainment from 1994 to 1996. The show tried to profit from the fascination with virtual reality in the early 1990s as well as the success of Saban's other property, Power Rangers. VR Troopers was the first official "sister series" to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Much like it, this was an Americanization of a Japanese tokusatsu children's program series by Toei. The series is a co-production of Toei Company and Cyberprod. The show featured early CGI and video effects mixed with Japanese stock footage from three different Metal Hero Series: Superhuman Machine Metalder, Dimensional...  more
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  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Nickelodeon, 2019) is an American television series and the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh seasons of the American children's television program Power Rangers. Set in the future, the infinite-power of the Morphing Grid now exists as the substance "Morph-X", a source of unlimited clean energy that Grid Battleforce combines Morph-X with animal DNA to create a new team of Power Rangers known as the Beast Morphers....  more
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  • Photo: Doom Patrol / DC Universe
    Doom Patrol (DC Universe, 2019) is an American superhero drama web television series based on the DC Comics superhero team created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and Bruno Premiani. Led by Dr. Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton), the Doom Patrol consists of Robotman (Brendan Fraser), Negative Man (Matt Bomer), Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby), and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) - receive a mission from Cyborg (Joivan Wade) that they cannot ignore and will change their lives....  more
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